Healing from Grief

"Susan and Healing Touch are a miracle. She has helped me so much in dealing with the grief from the loss of my chidren and the deep depression that came with that.  She helped me to be able to relax again.  I hadn't even realized I had a problem with relaxing until our first session, but when she was done, I finally was able to relax. I  find with every session, I can acheive deeper relaxation.  I'm finally losing weight after years of obesity.  She has amazing healing heat that emits from her hands. She is very intuitive during the Healing Touch sessions.  I'm happier than I thought I would be now and I feel I owe all this to Susan and Healing Touch." A. W. Owner of Hippy Chickes Karuna Reiki Master Texas

Susan is gifted to heal!

"I hope you believe me when I say that you are truly gifted because you are.  When You did the extraction on me, I knew exactly what had taken place and I know "your gift" quite possibly saved my life.  I also know you picked up on Lily, my guardian angel....You innately have the touch...Thank you." Cindy H.  Fort Worth, Texas

Worth the Drive!

My reason for writing you today is to tell you that I'm so glad that I went to Dallas to meet you and have your wonderful healing touch. Driving 3 1/2 hrs to get to you and then 3 1/2 hrs back home is a lot to ask for someone is in constant hip pain.   Those two hours that I spent with you I felt so relaxed and not in pain at all. I could feel the energy shifting in different areas of my body and how wonderful I felt after the treatment. When I got to you I could barely got out of my car and I had to stop every hour while on the road but on my way back stopped only once because I needed gas. It has been a few days now and although the pain in not all gone it's sooooo much better. I can walk in almost no pain except when I have to tie my tennis shoes.   I'm so thankful to you for your dedication to help others and thank you so much for all the other things that you helped me with.  God bless you to continue with this wonderful work.  L.N.  Shreveport, LA

Susan is very gifted in her work

"I have been doing various types of energy work for a number of years and have received energy treatments from many different people using many modalities.  I can say with coinfidence that Susan is very gifted in her work with Healing Touch. She has done several sessions on me over the last several months and is always very professional and her sessions are very effective at dealing with issues that need to be addressed. In addition she is very intuitive and often picks up on things about which she has not even been told. She is a wonderful addition to the Healing Touch community." CS Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Theta Healing teacher, IET, EFT Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner

Healing after Eye Surgury

"Wow! On 7/22/09 I received a Healing Touch session from Susan Lockhart. It was following eye surgery. She did chelation, etheric template clearing, ultra sound on my eye and sealed 3 leaks in the eye. After the session, I felt wonder, very relaxed. My eye felt more relaxed as well....I would not hesitate to refer clients to Susan for a Healing Touch session." Barbara Mader, RN CHTP, RM High Mesa Healing Center www.highmesahealing.com

Soothing and Relaxing

"I have previously experienced and/or practiced various energy modalities, and I can honestly say that the Healing Touch session I had with Susan Lockhart was truly an amazing experience. Susan's demeanor is very soothing, nurturing and peaceful so I felt comfortable and relaxed......The feeling was more profound than traditional Reiki as I had the sense of release of issues and pain on several layers at once.....In addition to my stress level, Susan worked on my carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.... Healing Touch has been the best energy healing modality I have experienced. I would highly recommend Susan Lockhart as a practitioner of Healing Touch to anyone seeking relief from illness, pain and/or who just would like to experience of serenity in these crazy times" N Bass Artist

I felt the energy move!

"As you know, the last 2 years, I have been overwhelmed by pain..... I've been to you for knee pain, rashes, foot swollen, brain not functioning, etc. I walked in with a cane and walked out without one...This spring, you worked on a giant, black cobweb floater in my eye and some nerve pain in both breasts from surgery. I felt energy moving up and down me and your hot hands were soothing. I was calm after the session, had less pain, felt relaxed....on the drive home, I noticed the 'cobweb' was gone! You did distance work on Gary, afterwhich he came to me and said 'I can cough now without holding my ribs. I think I could feel Susan working on me and she wasn't even here!" Thank you. D Brooks Reiki Master

Calmer, Clearer and More Grounded

"The session with Susan left me feeling calmer, clearer and more grounded.  I felt safe with her and enjoyed feeling the energy from her hands as she worked on me." Marcy Mallory Acupuncturist

Pain Diminished and I Felt Lighter

"When I went to Susan to work on me I had neck and back pain, and mental fatigue. Susan worked on me and I felt relaxed and my neck and back pain diminished and I felt lighter when it was all done. I felt very good and safe and wanted for Susan to keep on working the energy work. I felt the heat from her hands which was very calming. I would go back again for another session when I visit Dallas/FtWorth.  I live in Austin. Thank you Susan for a very effective session." Guity Kermani Bowen Therapy Practitioner Massage Therapist

Wellbeing and Peace

"On several occasions, Susan has performed healing techniques on me to relieve aches and pain caused by a sprained ankle, back and neck pain, stress and tension. During and after her ministrationas, I felt improvement in the affected physical areas. I also noted a feeling of well being and peace and significant relief of the stress and tension I was feeling. Susan definitely has a "Healing Touch", and I recommend her and this technique." CSH